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Human Objectives

Focus on human objectives is mainly on tow constituents, namely  : (a) employs ; and (b) customers, both of whom must have a feeling of having been treated as human beings by the business enterprise. Employees look forward to a business enterprise of the following objectives:

(i)    they are treated as partners in the joint venture and not as inferior lot:
(ii)    they are able to acquire and develop new abilities and skills in the process of employment ; and
(iii)    they derive job-satisfaction.

The fulfillment of the above objectives would help them to develop commitment to their work and in turn to the organization in which they are working.

Customers also look at the business enterprise as an institution which takes care of their needs as human beings. Hence the importance of courtesy, accommodation, understanding and fairness in dealings with the customers in enterprise that they do not fall prey to the temptation of profiteering through adulteration, hoarding, cornering of stocks, etc.

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