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Implementation of Strategies

The following steps are taken for implementation of strategic:

1. Communication of strategies:

After making strategic plans, they are communicated to organizational members so that they understand them and take desired decisions.

2. Communication of planning premised:

Planning premises are the forecasts of environment which affect the plans. These premised, therefore, form the basis of strategic plans because unless the plans are based on future assumptions, decision,-making would be unreliable. Planning premises are communicated to managers so that they make programmers and schedules according to plans.

3. Reflection of overall objectives:

Strategic plans aim to achieve overall organizational goals. This is possible if those concerned with their implementation mutually agree to the plans. It is essential that superiors take subordinates into confidence, take their suggestion, solve their doubts and offer suggestions to their superiors so that everyone collectively works towards the organizational goals.

4. Review:

Strategies once framed, cannot continue forever. They being future- oriented and future being uncertain, they may fail toy react to the environment. It is, thus, essential that strategies are periodically reviewed sot at changes not predicted earlier do not fail their effective implementation.

5. Develop contingency strategies;

If changes in the environment are other than those predicted and organizations frame fresh plans, they will take long time to respond to the changes and most of the organization would lose the opportunities offered by the environment. It is, therefore, required that organizations prepare ‘contingency strategic plans’ to face the unpredicted situation.

6. Development of organization structure:

The structure of organization, with its system of delegation of authority, authority-responsibility relationships, esprit de corps and other principles of organizations must facilitate effective implementation of strategic plans.

7. Need to spread the importance of strategies;

Managers continuously interact with their subordinates and emphasize the need for strategic planning so that there is no resistance to their implementation.

8. Climate:

The organisational climate should encourage the members to recognize the need for strategic plans for fulfillment of organizational goals.

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