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Importance of Motivation

Importance of motivation lies in its following benefits:

1.    Increase in work efficiency:

When workers are motivated for satisfaction of their needs, they work to satisfy the organizational needs also. This increases the efficiency of organizational activities.

2.    Communication :

Motivation promotes communication between managers and workers. Both try to understand each others needs and satisfy them to the extent possible.

3.    Need-bases motivation:

Managers ascertain the prime needs of their employees, physiological psychological an try to fulfill those needs through motivations. Motivation, thus, satisfies personal needs of warder.

4.    Combines ability with willingness:

Workers are sometimes able but not willing to perform organizational tasks, for lack of motivation. Effective motivation combines ability with willingness and maximizes their potential to work.

5.    Reduction in rate of lab our absenteeism and turnover:

Workers who are satisfy with their work and work environment contribute positively towards organizational goals and objectives. The rate of absenteeism and turnover, thus, gets reduced.

6.    Development  of leaders:

Motivation helps manages ascertain the needs of employees and lead their behavior in the right direction. Efficient leaders, thus, develop as result of effective motivation.

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