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Importance of Training

The following points explain the importance of training:

1.    Increase in skills :

Training increases employees’ skills to perform their jobs. Increase in skills increases output. Training, thus, helps in increasing organizational output.

2.    High  motivation :

Trained employees preform better  than untrained ones. This brings them rewards, job satisfaction and motivation to work hared, Training is, thus, a non-financial incentive that brings financial gains to business organization.

3.    Reduced labor turnover and absenteeism:

As training provides job satisfaction and boosts employees’ morale to work hare, employees feel satisfied with their jobs and improve third performance on the job. This reduces the rate of lea bout turnover and absenteeism.

4.    Less supervision:

Trained employees know their jobs. They maintain discipline and control on their activities. This reduces the need for supervisions or control on their work. Less supervision means saving in time, efforts and money and better performance.

5.    Concentration on important (strategic) matters:

By training employees, managers need not provide them continuous guidance. They concentrate on more important organizational matters resulting in growth and diversification of the enterprise.

6.    Optimum utilisation of facilities:

Trained employee’s know-how to use scarce organizational resources. Optimum utilization of resources results in low cost of production and high profits for the company.

7.    Career advancement:

Training helps employees know their jobs better. Better performance on current jobs makes them eligible for promotions to higher posts resulting in career advancement.

8.    Organization growth:

Training not only helps in growth of individual, if also help in growth of the organization. Organizations whose employees are trained can anticipate and adapt to changes in the environment. Organizations can compete in the market and grow their operations.

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