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Industrial Estates

In industrial estate (also known as industrial park) may be defined as a planned areas developed systematically in accordance with the industrial policy of the Government. All amenities and facilities as well as public utility services are provided at the industrial estate. The industrial estate is divided into sheds for accommodating small workshops or factories. By developing industrial estates, the Government provides infra-structural facilities tot eh industrialists. In India, there are more than give hundred industrial estates. These estates are located in urban areas, semi-urban area and rural areas.

The Government of India has been taking keen interest in developing Industrial estates since 1956 in order to achieve the following objectives:

(i)    Decentralization of industry.
(ii)    Promotion f small and medium sized industries in undeveloped and less developed areas.
(iii)    Removal of concentration of industries in big cities.
(iv)    Achievement of balanced regional development.

Entrepreneurs draw many benefits from the industrial estate. They get industrial plots at low rates. They are not required to bear the cost of survey or finding a suitable location. All utility services like water, electricity, drainage, etc., are readily available to all the units (even at subsidized rates). The industrial units accommodated in the industrial estate also get other services like transport communication, banking, insurance, warehousing, etc. Development of industrial estates is also beneficial form the pint of view of the society. It helps in the planned development of all regions. It provides infra-structure facilities to the entrepreneurs. When new units are stated, they given employment to a large number of people and this helps in raising the standard of living of the people and removing poverty.
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