Integration Of Formal And Informal Organizations

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Integration of Formal and Informal Organizations

Co-existence of informal organization with formal organs ton cannot be avoided by management and, therefore, to overcome the problems of informal organization. Managers should integrate the two so that informal organization also works towards formal goals of the organization. Formal and informal organizations are supplementary to cache other. A lot can be contributed towards the formal structure if formal acceptance is give to informal structures of the eorgansition.

Formal and informal structure is complementary to each other. One cannot exist without the other. Managers must, therefore, give due regard to the requirements and needs of both the forms of organization structures.

This can be done in the following ways:
1.    Resistance to change and problem of conformity can be overcome by educating employees. Employees should be told (by conducting training programmers) about the need for formal objectives

2.    Role conflict can be reduced by integrating individual goals with organizational goals. Individuals will increase organizational productivity along with personal interests if their goals are coordinated with formal organizational goals.

3.    Formal organization must be flexible so that preferences for individual talents and creativity can be incorporated in the formal structures.

4.    Managers should ensure that group norms are not against formal organizational goals. They should promote efficient attainment of formal goals of the organization.

5.    Managers should understand that workers need to interact with each other doting long working hours and, therefore, recognize their informal relationships.

6.    Informal channels spread information at a fast speed. Manages should use this channel for spreading important, official information. This will prevent spreading of gossips and rumors’.

7.    Managers should allow members to discuss their problems in groups rather than discuss them with their immediate superiors.

8.    Managers should take leaders of informal groups into confidence while making organizational plans and policies. This will promote easy and fast acceptance of plans and policies by transitional members.

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