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Intergroup Conflict

When conflict arises amongst different groups in the organization, it is said to be intergroup conflict .When groups interact with each other and differ in their opinions and thinking. Conflict arises amongst them. The following factors affect intergroup conflict:

(a)    When two groups shave different goals, conflict may arise. Both the groups work to accomplish their goals at the cost of others. Layout-management grouped, for example. Both, therefore, form unions which promote the interest of their group members.
(b)    When two groups share common resources, they struggle for them and conflicts may arise because of discrepancy between demand and supply of resources. In a matrix organization, for example, functional manages and project managers compete for common resources and conflict may arise amongst them. If their are a number of projects. Even the project managers hare the common resources and if the resources are insufficient, conflicts may arise.
(c)    If one group depends upon another for completion of its task, their interdependence may become a source of conflict if one group does not complete it s work on time or the work or advise of that group is not acceptable to the other. In line and staff relationships, for example, if staff advice is not acceptable to line managers, conflict may arise between the two groups.
(d)    When two groups hold different attitudes, values and beliefs, they strongly work to promote their group interests. Promoting group interest may result in conflict amongst working of different groups. 
(e)    If organizational decisions are jointly made by different groups and these groups have different sources of information or different ways of processing the information, they may not be able to arrive at consensus of opinion. Conflict may arise in their opinion about decisions and decision-making may become difficult. 

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