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International Business

International business consists of all the business and commercial transactions taking place between two or more countries.  There are various social, political and legal implications to the concept of international businesses. The operational objectives of international business generally consist of expansion of sales, acquisition of resources and the diversification of the revenue sources of the country. The mode of operation of an international business system is the multinational and the transnational organizations. Some of the prominent multinational business organizations are  McDonald's , Coca Cola, Pepsi , General Motors, Ford Motor Company, consumer electronics companies like Samsung,  and Sony, Microsoft , Apple etc to name a few.

International Business has large scale implications for the overall health of a nation’s economy. Economies like the United States of America, the China and that of the Japanese are pioneers are international businesses. International business also impacts the stock markets, the currency markets and the commodity markets.  The underlying norms in the form of the tariff regulations, trade agreements, bi-lateral relations and agreements become the roadmap for international businesses. International business growth has been the result of globalization which is the result of proliferation of technology, cross country relations and consumer demands.

International Business Assignment Help

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International Business Homework Help

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