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Limitation of Experimentation

1.    There exists a deficiency of a firm’s theoretical base in marketing. Because most researches conducted at present are of theoretical or descriptive nature. The information required to formulate a hypothesis in such researches is not easily available.

2.    The cost involved in the experimental research is more than in descriptive research. The data is collected continuously over a period of time for the same experimental groups which make the experimentation costlier than other methods of research. For example, test marketing of a new product is a form of experimentation that may make this method very expensive. It requires a lot of funds to introduce a new product into even a relatively smaller market. But the tendency is to test the product in a large number of markets to get more reliability and accuracy in results, so the method becomes tremendously expensive.

3.    Close supervision and administration of the experiments are needed to carry on research effectively. People sometimes may not co-operate or intentionally manipulate the results which may give misleading conclusions. Experiments are more open to competitors that “one shot” surveys. Hence, they are more prone to competitors’ created difficulties in their successful competition. They may change their strategies in accordance with the expected result and strategies format he experiments.

4.    It takes a longer time to complete a marketing research experiment. Assume, a company wants to tests its advertising effectiveness and releases an detriment testing through experimentation. but, for how long the experiment must run? Because it is not clear to anyone that after what time period the real impact of the ad will be felt on sales. Despite waiting for along time, it is not advertisements or some other factors might be playing on the environment which cannot be fully controlled, or remain constant for longer duration of time.

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