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Scope Of Marketing Research

A wide range of research activities are covered by the marketing re-search. For our convenience, we can put these  activities into seven categories, viz., (i) product and service research, (ii) market research, (iii) promotion research, (iv) distribution research, (v) pricing research, (vi) corporate responsibility research, and (vii) miscellaneous research. most of these research activities are shown in table also illustrates the comparative picture of the companies conducting re-search in the United States and India.

Typical Applications of Marketing Research

S No. Type of Research Research Activities Covered
1.Research on Markets  (a) Analysing market potentials for existing products and
      estimating demand for new products.
 (b) Sales forecasting
 (c) Characteristics of product markets.
 (d) Analysing sales potentials
 (e) Studying trends in markets.
2. Research on Products
     and Services
(a) Customer acceptance of proposed new products.
(b) Comparative studies of competitive products.
(c) Determining new uses of present products
(d) Market testing of proposed products.
(e) Studying customer dissatisfaction with products.
(f) Product-line research
(g) Packaging and design research
3. Research on Promotion (a) Evaluating advertising effectiveness.
(b)Analysing advertising and selling practices.
(c) Selecting advertising media.
(d)Motivational studies.
(e) Establishing sales territories.
(f)Evaluating present and proposed sales methods.
(g)Studying competitive pricing.
(h) Analysing salesmen's effectiveness
(i) Establishing sales quotas.
4. Research on Distribution (a) Location and design of distribution centres.
(b) Handing and packing of merchandise.
(c) Cost analysis of transportation methods
(d) Dealer supply and storage requirements
5. Research on Pricing (a) Demand elasticities.
(b) Perceived prices.
(c) Cost analysis
(d) Margin analysis

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