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Method of Authority

Method of authority is also a highly effective and unmatched method of a avoiding uncertainty of executives. In this case, the executive while faced with a decision-making situation avoids to make decision himself alone. He rather approaches the higher authority and puts the challenge of decision-making to the latter. The higher authority might be a highly respected source such as individual, a book, company policy, traditional authority level in a company, tribunal, etc. When the decision, occasionally, happens to be wrong, the concerned executive passes on the blame to the respected source, he has conferred for this purpose. Fore example, when an exertive who considers advertising as the only factor responsible to increases sales, may consult a book justifying advertising as a booster to sales and if the sales despite advertising decaling, the blame is put to the book. In a similar manner, the decision-market can pass on his responsibility to higher respected authority like general manager (marketing). Company policy as stated in company’s manual etc. in order to avoid uncertainty.

In India. this method is very much in practice in the government departments and the public sector organizations where the blame for wrong decisions is passed on to others.

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