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Method of Tenacity

Tenacity is the stubborn attitude adopted by a decision maker. The method of tenacity in eliminating uncertainty and avoiding clutter of conflicting concepts in mind, it is observed, does not have its parallel. Also this method is the easiest to follow. The decision-maker using this method refuses to use other methods because the latter conflict with his ideas and beliefs. His mind is closed for contradictory evidence. Frequent verbal reiteration of these ideas may strengthen the original beliefs. The decision-maker does not want to be confused by facts. He has set views and wishes them to remain consistent and unchanged. When faced by conflicting evidence he refuses to listen or to change.

Such a tenacious hold on beliefs is guaranteed to reduce certainty. The person who follows this method is into besieged by internal doubts. However, this he results can be disastrous for the of who blindly believes that increased advertising expenditure will result in increased sales. Faced by evidence to the contrary (that increased advertising expenditures may have no effect on sales), he refuses to change his belief, clinging instead with a great tenacity to his firm view that if only more money could be spent on adverts in, sales would certainly rise. The result is a waste of adverting expenditures and lower morale among the marketing group in the organization due to conflicting results.

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