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Motivation is a force that drives a person to action. In the context of business, it means inspiring workers to perform tasks that lead to goal accomplishment. Motivation creates willingness to perform tasks that lead to accomplishment of goals.

Motivation is a complex task because the factors that motivate people to work are complex and complicated. Financial incentives may be important for some workers and non-financial incentives may be important for other. The manager must, therefore, determine what motivates the human behavior.

An individual performs business tasks, in the first instance, not because he wants the organizational goals to be achieved but because that work will give him financial rewards through which he can satisfy his personal needs and desires. The need is , therefore, the driving force that motivated human behavior.

Definitions of motivation given by some management thinkers are given below:

“Motivation may be defined as the estate of individual’s perspective which represents the strength of his or her propensity to exert effort toward some particular behavior”.

“Motivation refers to expenditure of efforts towards a goal”.

“Motivation is the force that energizes behavior, gives direction to behavior and underlies the tendency to persist.”

“Motivation is a general term applying to the entire class of drives, desired, needs, wishes and similar forces. To say that managers motivate their subordinates is to say that they do those things which they hope will satisfy these drives and desired and induce the subordinated to act in a desired manner.”

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