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Nature of Leadership

The following points explain the nature of leadership:

1.    Leadership depends upon  personal traits:

Everybody cannot be a leader. Best known managers can be ineffective leader and poor managers can be very good leader. Managers are different from leaders. Adperson can be a good leader if he has characteristics like popularity, confidence, intelligence, socaland inter-personal skills etc.

2.    Leadership is situational:

Leadership style varies with the situation. A person with same traits may adopt democratic style of leadership in one situation and democratic style in another situation. Situation plays and important role in determining the style of leadership. 

3.    Leadership vs. management :

Leadership is different from management. While management assumes hierarchical relationship amongst individuals, leader and follower may not be related to each other through the formal chain of command.

4.    Leadership is a function :

Leadership is a function of the leader, follower and the situation. Mathematically = f (l, f, s)

Where L= Leadership; I = follower; S = situation

Leadership is determined by the characteristics of the leader, the team and the situations that prevail in the organization.

5.    Role model:

Leaders are role models for their followers. Loyalty and subordination cannot be expected form followers if leaders are not supportive. Leader’s should cooperate with their follower if they want the followers to cooperate with them. The followers tend to behave as they are behaved with.

6.    Leaders are also follower:

Leaders also have someone above them to whom they report. As that demand subordination from their follower, that must show subordination to their leaders.

7.    Leadership is a pervasive function:

Leadership is not related to business orgiastic only. Wherever a person influences the behavior of others. He exercises leadership. An educational institution, a charitable origination, militant organization. Hospital or a family at home require leaserhip0 something or the other.

8.    Leadership alms at goal achievement:

Leaders are dynamic persons who set high standards of performance for themselves and their follower. They also health follower to achieve the regrets. Leader trigger a person’s “will to do. Show the way and guide members towards group accomplishment.

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