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Nature of Management Principles

The following features of management principles characterize their nature:

They are basic and not absolute:

Though management principles have evolved through experience and testing. They are not absolute in nature. The list of principles is not exhaustive though Fayal’s management principles ate accepted as basic principles of management. New principles emerge as a result of research in the field of management.


Management principles are in nature. They can be applied in almost every organization, big or small, in public or private sector They are bases on genuine observations of human behavior and, therefore, apply in almost all situations at all levels in the organization. This accounts for universality of management principles.

This view of universality of management principle does not had good for modern organizations operating in different countries. Differences I social, cultural and economic backgrounds of different nations makes difficult for these principles to be universally applicable.


Management principles are flexible in nature. As they are bases more on experience than scientific testing, they are flexible and not exhaustive. They can be changed according to situations. Fayal also accepts this fact.


Though flexible in nature, they are consistent; it means they produce similar results in similar situations.

Cause and effect relationship:

Management is a behavioral science and management principles deal with human behavioural. Since human behavior is unpredictable, these principles be not exact as pure science Cause and effect relationship may or may not be established in application of these principles and their and results. Unity of command, for example, results in higher obedience, efficiency and productivity but this principle does not hold good in functional  organizations where multiple command system percales, that is on person is accountable to more than one boss.

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