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Nature of Organization

The following points explain the nature of organization:

1.    Structure of relationships :

Organization is a system of well-defined tasks and duties assigned to people along with delegation of authority, responsibility and accountability. Delegation provides formal structure to the organization. Constant interaction amongst individuals creates social relations helps and a structure of informal organization.

2.    Managerial function :

It is a function of management which integrates human and non-human (physical) resources for achieving organizational goals. It is a function in itself and also helps in performing other managerial functions. For planning, directing and staffing functions to be effectively performed, it is necessary that they are effectively organized.

3.    Ongoing process:

Organizing is a process which involves a series of steps, from determination of objectives to accomplishment of objectives. It is a continuous process which requires management to introduce changes (re-organization) in the way and organization works. Many organizations re-structure their set-up every five to seven years.

4.    Encourages teamwork :

Since the early times, people always lived in groups. With increase in size of these groups, it was not possible for one person to accomplish the organizational task alone. The work, therefore, got divided amongst people and each person co-ordinate his work with other. This required organizations the group activities towards common goal. According to Louis A. Allen: “Organization has enabled men to increase their teaches far beyond the dreams of the wealthiest potentates of old by making effective use of a potent multiplier-meshing, power and mechanized tools” Organization comes into existence when there are a number of persons in communication and relationship to each other who are willing to contribute towards a common Endeavour.

5.    Foundation of management :

Success of an institution depends upon its sound organization. Clear definition of jobs and their division amongst members with clear identification of authority and res possibility is the foundation of successful management. Unless there is clarity of who is responsible to whom, no management can function effectively.

6.    Goal-oriented:

Every organization is formed for some objective; profit or service. All organizational activities are divided amongst members, departments are created. Work is co-ordinate and continuous monition of activities is done to achieve the objective. The process of organization is, thus, a goal-oriented process.

7.    Adaptive to change:

Though organization structure provides stability to activities of members, it sis open to change. Changes in the environment, internal or external, are incorporated into the organization structure. This makes organization and ongoing process.

8. Situational:

No structure can be described as best. Depending upon the nature of activates size of the organization and nature of relationship amongst people, the organizing structure also varies.

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