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Objectives of The IMF

The following objectives of the IMF have been set forth the Articles of Agreement:

(1) To promote international monetary cooperation through a permanent institution providing the machinery for consultation and collaboration on international monetary matters;

(2) To help bring about expansion and balanced growth of international trade and thereby contribute to the maintenance of high levels of employment and real income among member-countries;

(3) To promote exchange rate and thus help avoid competitive exchange rate depreciation;

(4) To provide facilities for multilateral conversions of national currencies and help removal of exchange controls and exchange restrictions; and

(5) To render help to member-countries to correct maladjustment in their balance of payments.

The IMF aims at promoting international monetary cooperation facilitating expansion and balanced growth of international trade thereby helping member-countries to utilize more efficiently their productive resources and help them to raise real income of the people in the member-countries, to promote exchange rate stability and avoid competitive exchange rate depreciation, to facilitate multilateral exchange rate system, to help shorten duration of disequilibrium in balance of payments of member-countries, and to create confidence among member-countries by providing it resources for correcting maladjustment in balance of payment thus ensuring national prosperity.

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