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On-the-job training is detaining while working. Employees are trained while performing the jobs. Special arrangements for training programmers are not made. Superiors train their subordinates. However, this slows the speed of work; Employees may also damage the equipments or disrupt the normal work activities.

These methods are suitable where work is not complex and number of workers is not to   large.

Some of the common on-the-job training methods are discussed below:

1. Job   relation:

Employees are rotated on different jobs. This exposes them to variety of tasks and enhances their knowledge to perform the jobs. It develops employees and increase there capabilities to perform different jobs. It promotes creativity, innovation and exchange of ideas amongst people working at different jobs.

2. Apprenticeship:

Apprentice means learner. Under this method of training, the employee who is an apprentice works under skilled guidance of his trainer or co-workers. The trainer trains him while he is performing the job. The apprentice learns by observing his senior. Carpenters, plumbers, computer operators usually adopt this method o raining.

3. Internship:

Employees learn job skills while working on-the-job. in addition, they attend classroom lectures to enhance their job skills.

4. Brainstorming:

People with different backgrounds work on a common problem. This enhances their ability to analyze and solve the problem by using their intellectual and conceptual skills.              

5. Delegation:

Managers delegate part o their work load to subordinates along with authority. Allowing subordinates to make decisions increases third leadership and vision-making sills and the knowledge to manage these talks alone.

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