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Organic Objectives

Business enterprise, from the point of view of its growth and stability can be compared with the human anatomy. Just as human body grows through a number of stages, that is, from infancy to childhood, from childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to adulthood and from adulthood to maturity, a business enterprise also passes through such phases during its existence. In order that a business may grow through these stages in time and with strength, it is necessary that the business strives for:

(a)    survival in the face of competition and unpredictable business risks;
(b)    growth and expansion of business operations ; and
(c)    creation of a good public image.

Organic objectives of a business are not independent in nature. They are to be achieved along with the other objectives of the business. The organic objectives of a business are discussed below:

(i)    Survival. Survival of a business is very important if the goals of the business are to be realized. It should be managed in such a way that it is able to continue in the business world by earning sufficient revenues to meet its operative expenses and pay a reasonable return on the capital employed.

(ii)    Growth. Every business enterprise aims at growth in its operations. Growth implies increase in sales, market share, earning capacity, investments and so on. Growth brings higher profits, and economic and social power to the owners of business. It also enhances the reputation of the business enterprise.

(iii)    Public Image. Creation of good image of the business in the eyes of the public, other organizations and the Government is another organic objective which most of the big enterprises tend to follow. A firm having good prestige and standing can easily raise more capital from the public for the purpose of its growth. A firm will attain higher prestige and recognition only if it is economically sound and contributes towards the social and national goals.

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