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Organizational Culture

Culture means refinement or civilization. Organization culture defines how refined or civilized an organization is. It is a set of values that defines what the organization stands for, how it works and what things or activities it considers important. It provides foundation to organization’s internal environment and shapes the behavior of its managers.

Organization culture differentiates one organization from the other. While shirt and black trousers immediately signify one organization while sky blue shirts and navy blue trousers signify another organization. A cap with uniform can indicate production department and a tie can indicate sales department in the same organization. When we enter a Government office, we can make out the difference than when we enter a private office. What highlights this image of an organization? It is the culture of an organization. Organization culture provides a ‘feel’ about the organization to those who deal with it. It represents a common perception held by its members. People at different levels in different departments hold common perception about the organization. They define organization’s culture in similar terms. It is a force that determines effectiveness and long-term success of an organization.

Organization culture is the personality of and organization that differentiates it from other organization.” Culture refers to a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization  from other organization.”What makes  Airtel different from Essar and Reliance though all to them deal in the same product. It is the organization culture of each of these companies.

Companies with strong culture (Proctor & Gamble, Reliance Industries) are ,pre effective than those that have weak culture. Strong cultures have greater impact on employees’ motivation, behavior and productivity. There is high degree of agreement amongst members about the organization’s purpose, goals, norms, values and activities. This increases their loyalty and commitment towards the organization and reduces the rate of lab our turnover and absenteeism.

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