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Personal Selling

It is an effective means of reaching the buyers. It involves an alive, immediate and interactive relationship between the buyers and the seller. Major advantages of personal selling are:

•    The strategy can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the buyers.

•    The seller gets to know the prospective buyers reaction almost instantaneously.

•    He can collect information about the buyers, markets and environment

•    He can provide technical and commercial information to the buyers.

Personal selling calls for very meticulous preparation on the part of salesmen in terms of acquiring all the necessary information about the product, pricing etc.; but also skills for personal communication. Salesmen should develop the necessary skills to be able to survive and grow in the competitive markets the world over. Personal selling can also cultivate long term personal relationship with the buyer. If a personal report is developed with the buyers, they would be hesitant in shifting to unknown suppliers.

Personal selling can be used effectively in industrial market for selling technical goods like machinery and equipments. However it is expensive but very effective. The exporter may lack the intimate and diverse knowledge of the environment in foreign trade.

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