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Programmed Evaluation and Review Technique

PERT is also called time-event network. It is used to plan and control a complex project that is represented as a network of events and activates, with time estimates give to complete each activity.

It is a network of events and activities on a project with estimated time for completion of each activity.

An event is the beginning or ending of the activity. It is represented by a circle in the network. An event by itself does not use time or resources.

An activity is the time taken by operation between two events. It represents time taken to complete an event. It is represented by and arrow.

A simple network of events and activities appears like this:

After developing the network, managers focus on time estimates to complete each activity. The expected time taken by each activity depends upon three time estimates:

  (a)Optimistic time (to): It is the time taken o completes an activity when everything goes well, as expected. It accounts for no disruptions.

(b) Most likely time(tm):It is the time normally taken to complete an activity. It is the realistic time taken for completing an activity. It accounts for reasonable amount of disruptions.

(C) Pessimistic time (tp): It is the opposite of optimistic time and specifies the time taken to complete the activity if nothing goes well.

Expected time (te) to complete each activity is computed by the following formula:

   Te   = to+4tm +t p

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