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Principles of Leadership

The following principles help in effectively carrying out the function of leadership:

1.    Principle of harmony of objectives:

Good leader’s harmonies personal goals of individuals with orgnisational goals to effectively manage and enterprise.

2.    Principle of motivation :

If the leader relates rewards with performance of workers, he can effectively exercise leadership for attainment of organizational goals.

3.    Principle of integrity:

Effective leaders communicate with their followers; orally or in writing.

4.    Principle of integrity:

The integrity or honesty with which leaders correlate verbal and non-verbal massages; and how they and recovers perceive the message also determines effectiveness of leadership.

5.    Principle of supplemental use of informal origination:

Though informal communication can spread rumors, it is a fast chinned of communication. Effective leader make maximum use of informal communication for filling gaps in transmitting formal messages. They use informal communication as a device to correct misinformation rather than spread rumours.

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