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Quota Samples

Quota Samples makes provision to include diverse characteristics of the population in the sample. Suppose we are sampling from population with an equal number of educated and undercoated people and there are sharp differences in the attitudes and beliefs of these two groups. It would be misleading if we did not interview any uneducated propel and the results would yield a practical picture of the entire population. To avoid such errors, the quota sampling ensures the involution of subgroup form each stratum in the universe. Quota is fixed for each stratum and the required number is then drawn. If the population has equal proportion of males and females, the investigator in instructed to interview equal number of males and tamales.

The question arise, what kinds of characteristics should be taken into account while doing quota samplingExperience, ahs shown that which studying attitudes, opinions and preferences, it is wise to take into consideration age, education, type of residence rural-urban background, socio-economic status, religion and so on. 

In quota samples, selection of units should be with great care. It is known that interviewers when left to their own devices tend to resort to number who is mostly like themselves in may stopping passers by aired interviewing them. Another practice is to visit the center of the town, entertainment centers, bus, railway and air terminals, business districts, markets and so on. Such samples over-represent the kinds of propel how gravitate in these areas. These areas are to representatives of the whole population. Moreover it is better to contrite on many types of areas than just one. Even then such samples will not represent the people who seldom leave their homes and neighborhood. If these factors are involved, the results are likely to be inaccurate.

If home visits are done, then one should not proceed along lines of convenience. If the investigator tends to concentrate on certain times of the day. they will tend to avoid upper difficult to reach and slum areas. Such sample tends to build basis. Sample should be solvated in such a way that important segments of the population are not eliminated and the relevant variables are not distorted.

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