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Research on Promotion Policies

This includes marketing studies conducted to known past trends, present performance, and future plans in connection with the promotional policies of the company vis-à-vis its competitors. The research on promotional policies includes measuring of advertising effectiveness; analyzing advertising and selling practices; selection of advertising media; designing advertising copy and testing that (pre-tests and post-tests of copy); motivational studies of behavioral aspects in relation to purchase of products; establishing sales territories; evaluating present and proposed sales methods; evaluating promotional tools. viz., premiums, contests, price-offs, samples, demonstration, exhibition, trade shown, etc; studying completive pricing analyzing salesmen’s effectives; and establishing sales quotas. Research on promotion is gaining increasingly greater importance owing to surmounting expenditures on promotion mix elements, viz., advertising, publicity, personal selling, and sales protection. To justify the increasing expenditures on promotional aspects, comprehensive and exhaustive studies are needed to be conducted to measure their effectives. For example, Nirma washing powder manufacturer wants to study effectives of its various promotional policies  in comparison with its competitors like Hindustan Lever. Godrej, etc.

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