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Retailer plats vital role in promoting the product sales. Retailing can be defined as all activates involved in the sales of small quantities of goods and services to ultimate customer for personal use.

Functions of Retailers
1.    Retailers guarantee quality and service performance for customer.
2.    Here purchasing of retailing provides long-term credits to customers.
3.    Personal selling is undertaken by retailers.
4.    Retailers provide manufactures with market information.
5.    Retailers provide goods to the customer at convenient locations.
6.    They act as intelligence agents for their supplies.

This can be classified into:

(a)    Departmental stores:

These are large-scale retailing stores which carry a number of product lines. Departmental stores provide a wide variety of products and high level of service to customer.

(b)    Specialty Stores:

These stores deal only in one or two related products. e.g. cloth, jewel stores etc.

(c)    Super markets:

These are large-scale departmental sties which operate on self-service basis.

(d)    Super Stores:

These stores sell all products ranging form books, foods, household articles, and services, and other miscellaneous items.

(e)    Convenience stores:

These are stores in the residential areas. Their sales volume is usually small and prices and profit margins are relatively high.

(f)    Independent stores:

These are small stores owned and operated by individuals

(g)    Chain stores:

These stores are centrally owned and all buying activates are centralized. They generally deal with fast-moving items.

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