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Role of A Promoter

The role performed by the promoter will be clear by studying his functions given below:

(i)    To discuss the concept of establishing a company and to conduct a feasibility study.

(ii)    To procure different assets to start a business or start negotiations to purchase a running enterprise.

(iii)    To arrange money to pay the preliminary expenses.

(iv)    To select the name of the company and to lay down its objectives.

(v)    To prepare memorandum and articles of association and other documents which are necessary for the purpose of incorporation with the Registrar of Companies.

(vi)    To appoint first directors of the proposed company.

(vii)    To appoint bankers, brokers, legal advisers to the company.

(viii)    To prepare the prospectus and get it printed.

(ix)    To arranged for the raising of capital from the public.

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