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Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a promotional activity that aims at stimulating sales. It is directed towards the customer. Sales promotion is an integrate part of promotion mix.

Activates of sales promotion
Activates of sales promotion inched:

(a)    Sample:

 A sample product is given to the consumers for trial and the customer is asked for his/her opinion about the product.

(b)    Window Displays:

 The products are displayed in an appealing manner so that could attract buyers.

(c)    Coupons:

Coupons are provided to inverse the sales and to attract more stokers.

All these actives aim at prompting immediate sales among customer. Free gifts. To the customers in addition to the purchases of the produce are aimed at building the image of the firm.

Dealers are offered quietly discounts prized and gifts for achieving salsa targets and advertising allowances. These are done to motivate the dealer to keep adequate stock deliver goods promptly, use poking of purchase display and persuade customers to buy the promoter’s brand.

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