Setting Up A Business Enterprise

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Setting up A Business Enterprise

Launching a business enterprise has become a specialized job in the modern age of technological advancement and severe competition n the market. To be successful as a promoter, a person must posses several qualities like wide knowledge, foresight and imagination, dynamic outlook, aptitude for research, initiative, self-confidence, etc. He should be able to overcome the difficulties in the promotion of a new business.

The analogy of birth of a child can be used to explain the problems involved in launching or floating a new business enterprise. The person who has a business idea and takes steps to implement it is known as entrepreneur or a promoter. The entrepreneur has to act both as another and mid-wife because it is he who faces various difficulties to bring the new enterprise into existence and bring up into a successful venture. That is why, business is also called adventure. The entrepreneur assembles and coordinates various factors f production, namely, human resources, machines, capital and materials to star a new enterprise and keep it running. The ultimate success of a business depends upon the entrepreneur’s skills to manage various problems with which he is confronted while staring a new enterprise.

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