Strengthening The Technology Base

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Strengthening the Technology Base

Research and Development together with science and technology education and training of a high order, will be accorded pride of place. Special attention will be given to the promotion strengthening of the technology base in newly emerging and frontier areas such as information and material science, electronics and bio-technology. Education and training to upgrade skills are also of utmost importance. Basic research and the building of centers of excellence will be encouraged.

Skills and skilled workers will be accorded recognition. The quality workers will be accorded recognition. The quality and efficiency of the technology generation and delivery system will be continuously monitored and upgraded. Technologies relevant to the cottage, village and small industries sector will be upgraded. In all sectors, the potential impact on employment will be an important criterion in the choice of technology.

Energy constitutes and expensive and sometimes scarce input. Therefore, the requirements both of a neuter for each product and each production activity and the associated technology employed will be analyzed. Measures will be devised to avoid wastage to non-employed will be energy. Necessary fiscal measure will be introduced to ensure these. Research and Development in the energy sector will aim at improving the efficiency of its production, distribution and utilization, as well and improvement of efficiency in process and equipment.

Technology already employed will be evaluated on a continuing basis to realize maximum benefits in terms of increased production and lower costs, especially in the public enterprises.

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