Techniques Of Achieving Integration

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Techniques of Achieving Integration

Integration of various sub-systems of a business organization is essential if it is to realize it objectives effectively. Harmonious functioning of an organization becomes possible only through integration or co-ordination. Integration is to be achieved deliberately by the management. It is the basic function of the management to bring about co-ordination in the total system.

The following techniques may be used by the managers for achieving coordination between various sub-systems:

(i)    The goals of individuals should be harmonized with the goals of the organization. Whenever there is a conflict between the goals of the organization and those of an individual, the goals of the organization should get priority.

(ii)    The interdependency between various sub-systems should be adequately emphasized.

(iii)    There should be effective two-way communication in the system. The channels of communication used in the system should be reliable so that they may create proper understanding among the individuals.

(iv)    Experts in different areas of business should be encouraged to understand the viewpoints of one another.

(v)    There should be periodical review of the functioning of the entire system in relation to is objectives. This will help in removing weak points from the functioning of the system.

(vi)    Proper emphasis should be given to each of the sub-system. No sub-system is less important. If one sub-system is ignored by the management, its ill-effects will be apparent in the working of the others sub-systems.

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