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Technology Development

Fullest support will be given to the development of indigenous technology to achieve technological self-reliance and reduce the dependence on foreign inputs, particularly in critical and vulnerable areas and high value-added items in which the domestic base in strong. Strengthening and diversifying the domestic technology base are necessary to reduce imports and to expend export for which international competitiveness must be ensured.

In view of the cost of technology development and the time to necessary for successful marketing of new or improve product, indigenously developed items are invariably at a disadvantage compared with imported products of those based on imported technologies and brand names. Suitable fiscal mechanism will be established to facilitate investment on pilot plants, process demonstration units and prototype development in order to enable rapid commercial exploitation of technological developed in laboratories. Linkages between scientific and technological institutions and development banks will be strengthened. Gaps in technology will be identified and suitable corrective measures taken will adequate allocation of resource. Fiscal incentives will be provided in particular to promoted in venations; increase the use of indigenously developed technology; enhance in house Research and Development in industry; and efforts directed to absorb and adopt imported technology.

Capabilities in design engineering are essential for the translation of know-how to commercial production. Existing design engineering capabilities will be strengthened and upgraded, and interaction encouraged between design engineering organizations, academic and research institutions and industry.

Wherever capability exists, utilization of Indian consultancy engineering organization will be promoted. Even where foreign technical collaboration or consultancy is considered unavoidable, association and designated Indian consultancy engineering organizations would be preferred. Indigenous engineering consultancy, in both private and public sectors, will be promoted on a sound professional basis in the context of the overall national perspective of technological self-reliance.

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