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The Creativity Process

The process of creativity consists of the following steps:

1.    Problem Finding or Sensing :

The entrepreneur faces a problem and selects to work on it. He feels cautious to solve that problem. Curiosity leads to development of idea.

2.    Preparation:

He concentrates on the problem and starts working on it. He collects the information, analyses how others are using it and formulates hypotheses to work on . It he wants to introduce a new product into eh market, he studies the consumer bating dispersive before converting that idea into reality.

3.    Gestation or Incubation:

He thinks over collected information and makes decisions in his sub-conscious mind. He appears to be idle but actually he is trying to correlate what runs in his sub-conscious mind with the happenings around to arrive at a sound decision for solving the problem.

4.    Insight or Illumination:

He thinks of all possible solutions at all times. He thinks of ideas while eating, walking or going to sleep. These ideas are put in writhing so that he does not forget them in his conscious mind.

5.    Verification and application:

The entrepreneur proves by logic or experiment that the idea can solve the problem and, therefore, can be implemented. He tests the ideas empirically through mathematical models and experimentation. If is is feasible, he applies it solve the problem.

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