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Uses of Experimentation

Experimentation designs have been used in a number of fields of marketing. Virtually, experimentation covers the entire range of marketing activities. Following are the areas where experiments are predominantly used.

1.    Product Design

Basic character, colour, shape and size are frequently studied by the experimentation. Which product a consumer would buy most under what typically changed conditions of quality, shape, size colour, etc.

2.    Package Design

Although the package design, forms a part of production function of marketing and is discussed under the product design above. A vast number of experiments have been conducted to study package designs in relation to product sales. So a separate mention of this aspect is desirable. What colour, material (metal, glass, paper, or plastic), shape, etc., of the package should be used to increase the product sales, can be experimented in marketing research.

3.    Pricing Policies

The price elasticity of demand can be better tested with the help of experiments. Experiments are often used form measuring this aspects of pricing. It is commonly seen in magazine selling. Magazine (e.g., Reader’s Digest) sellers frequently experiment by offering subscription at varying prices to different buyers on the mailing lists. It is visualized in the case relaters also who test the effect of old prices “ten paisa off sales” and  “multiple unit discounts”.

4.    Promotion Policies

The promotional policies have been very widely explored though experimentation as compared with the other areas of marketing. The experiments are conducted to test advertising effectiveness, media effectiveness, appeals, efficiency, copy and size effectives, frequency of repeating an ad, the effect of colour, etc. The optimum frequent of call by a salesman is also frequently measured by experiments. Besides, the effect of various sales techniques is measured by experimentation. A large number of companies in India are using experiments to study effectiveness of various promotional policies.

5.    Distribution Policies

Besides the above listed areas, distribution channel management, physical distribution management, and distribution system management also uses experimentation as a technique of research. All the above listed areas can also be explored with the help of other research methods but the results are not as significant as by experiments.

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