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Validity of Experimentation

Experimentation can be used for two  major purposes in marketing (i) to explain the relationship that exists between certain variables, and (ii) to study the nature of the changes resulting form the relationships. Since the business involves human activity in most situations and changes are causes in their relationships owing to which factors, is very complex to explain theoretically. SO the latter type of investigation is usually undertaken by the marketing researchers.

Since experiments use result form samples and project them to the universe, these results must be valid both internally and externally. Is the experiment treatment solely responsible for the changes occurring, or do some outside and extraneous factors also influence these results?

If there are outside influences, what is their impact in total? IF the results of the experiments are applicable to the real-world situations, we have to take into account the influence of extraneous factors. There is hardly any use of an experiment conducted in perfect internal conditions if its result are not applicable to the outside world. For a broadly applicable study, we cannot assume “all things being equal (i.e., ceteris paribus) conditions fro our experiment.” Thus, we must carefully consider the influence of extraneous considerations.

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