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Why Should Plans Fail

Despite the best laid plans, there may occur situations where plans do not produce the desired results. Following reasons lead to failure o plans to achieve the desired targets:

1. Multiple goals:

If plans are made for too many goals, organizational resources get thinly spread over each of them and chances of effective achievement of goals get reduced.

2. Too much emphasis on future:

Over emphasis on future activities and environmental factors and under emphasis on day-to day working of the organization may result into failure of plans. Planning must be done every day, every moment and not periodically.

3. Focus on short-term plans:

As too much focus on long- range plans can be harmful excessive focus on shout-range plans is also harmful. Future provides base to stability of the organization and, therefore, must be discounted in making organizational plans. Good plans must incorporate both short-term and long-term requirements of the firms.

4. Standardized Plans:

Depending upon the size, nature and structure of the organization and its activities, plans must be framed for different activities. Failure to do so results in failure to achieve the planned targets.

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