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Complex Numbers Assignment Homework help

Complex Numbers are defined as the combination of real numbers & Imaginary part. A simple form of complex number is a + bi, where a and b are real numbers & I is the imaginary part with a distinct property of i2 = -1

There are wide range of applications of complex numbers in the field of Control theory, Signal analysis, Improper integrals, Quantum mechanics, Relativity, Applied mathematics, Fluid dynamics, Fractals, Algebraic Complex Numbers, and Analytic Complex Numbers etc.

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We offer Complex Numbers Assignment Homework help in following areas of Complex Numbers:

  • Elementary Operations

  • Addition, Subtraction

  • Multiplication, Division

  • Conjugation

  • Polar form

  • Polynomial equations

  • Algebraic characterization

  • Formal construction

  • Matrix representation of complex numbers

  • Complex Analysis

  • Complex exponential and related functions

  • Holomorphic functions

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