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The E . I . du point de Nemours Company (USA) in the year 1958 while overhauling a chemical plant employed a technique called Critical Path Method the schedule and control the project and experienced a good amount of saving. Unalike PERT, CPM developed in Civilian business and engineering industry where activity timings were relatively well known.

CPM is applicable to bath large and small projects, taking form space programmers to wedding or horse shows.Itis widely recognized and is the most versatile and potent management planning technique. It is used for planning and controlling the most logical and economic sequence of operations for accomplishing a project. TH project is analyze into different activities whose relationships, as in PERT, are shown on the network diagram. The network is then utilized for optimizing the use of resources, progress and control.

CPM employs the following steps for accomplishing a project planning:-
(a)Break down the project into various activities systematically.
(b)Label all activities.
(c)Arrange all the activities in logical sequence
(d)Construct the arrow diagram
(e) Number all the nodes (events) and activities.
(f)Find the time for each activity.
(g) Mark the activity times on the arrow diagram
(h) Calculate total float for each activity
(i) Identify the critical activities and mark the critical path on the arrow diagram
(j) Calculate the total project duration.
(k) If it is intended to reduce the total project duration, crash the critical activities of the network.
(l) Optimize the cost
(m) Update the network
(n) Smooth the network resources

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