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Kinds of Productivity Measures

(i)    Labour Productivity. The resource inputs are aggregated in terms of labour hours. Hence the index is relatively free of changes caused by wage rates and labour mix.

(ii)    Direct Labour cost productivity. The resource inputs are aggregated in terms of direct labour costs. This indre will reflect the effect of both wage rates and changes in the labour mix.

(iii)    Capital productivity. Several formulations are possible. In one, the resource inputs may be the changes during the period of depreciation; in another, the inputs may be the book value of capital investment.

(iv)    Direct cost productivity. In this formulation, all terms of direct cost associated with resources used are aggregated on a monetary value basis.

(v)    Energy productivity. In this formulation the only resource considered is the amount of energy consumed.

(vi)    Raw Material productivity . In this formulation, the numerators are usually weight of product, the denominators are the with of raw material consumed.

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