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Motion Study

It is a study of the movements of an operator (or even of a machine) an operation for the purpose of eliminating useless motions. Such is a pre-requisite to the establishments for a standard of performance. Taylor and Gilbreths (Frank Gilbreth and Lillian Grlibrenth ) pointed out the importance of need for conduction such studies . For conducting motion study workers are studies at their jobs and all their movements, however small, are noted . Each movement is called fatherly (Gilbreth spelt backwards). The gilberts state that there are 17fundamentalmotions or herbals which are combined in every human operation. They devised a trebling chart containing mnemonic symbols for herbless and also suggested distinctive colors to be used in similar work. To take just an example, the’ select’ worked is represented by the symbol- which indicates ‘Reaching for Object’ and is given light grate color. Whole charting a motion study, then the symbol-will be used for ‘selecting’, thus effecting saving of time an space. Data regarding the time spent on each the involved in an operation is collected usually by the use of a stop-watch. Where, however, the motions of the workmen are too fast, a movie motion. The picture obtained through micro-motion is studied carefully to find out the motions which are unnecessary and wasteful.

Motion Studies were used by F. Gilbreth to study the movements of brick-layers. To eliminate a lot of tiresome any time-consuming motions, he introduced a more convenient type of apparatus to hold bricks, and an adjustable scaffold. Then, he taught hisbrick-laers to make simple motion with both hands at the same time. Thus, by the use of scientific motion study Gilbreth was able to reduce the motion of a brick-later form eighteen to five and in one case even to two. He demonstrated the immense gain that can be derived form such studies in the construction of a factory wall. previously , the workers on the average laid only 120 bricks per hour, but by these of the methods devised by him, the rained brick-layers laid as may as 375 bricks per man per outran important fading of Gilbreth was that as worker can reduce the fatigue if he uses both husbands while at work. It is, for example, easier to lift two buckets of water –one in each had-than only one. In an office, for example, a man who is stamping certain papers will usually be found stretching his had to put the stamped paper away and bringing it back to stamp another paper. The application of motion study may lead to the motion of a hole in the table big enough to let the stamped paper through so that the hand has not to be stretched and withdrawn involving unnecessary motion and strain.

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