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PERT was first used in 1957 as method of planning and controlling the Polaris Missiles Programmed by Booz, Allen and Haitian together with U.S Naval department. The aim was to finish the project tears in advance. PERT describes basic network, technique which includes planning, monitoring and control of projects. PERT finds applications in planning and control of complex set of tasks, function, and relationships. It is a very importance technique in the field of project Management. It is a very useful device for planning the time and resources. It represents an important step in the development o managerial science. it points out potentially troublesome areas against which a timely action can be taken to prevent their occurrences.

PERT, actually, developed as a research and development planning tool where activity timings could not be estimated White mouth certainty. To some extend a similar situation occurs in design work also. PERT can be employed at those places where a project cannot be easily defined in terms of time or resources required. PERT technique paves very much advantageous when used for non-repetitive type of projects, R & D, difference products etc.

The basic tool used in PERT technique is the network or flow plan. Network consists of series of related events and activities. An important point is that, as a persona plans the activities in his mind, so that flow plan (or diagram) evolves and, it even points out the gaps in the drawing. The network thru shows, how various activates of a project depend on each other and that certain activities have to be completed before the other can start.

The PERT planning techniques consist of the following steps:-

(a)    The project is broken down into different activates systematically.
(b)    Activities are arranged in logical sequence
(c)    The network diagram is drawn. Events and activities are numbered.
(d)    Using three times estimate, the expected time for each activity is circulated
(e)    Standard deviation and variance for each activity are computed
(f)    Earliest staring times and latest finishing times are calculated.
(g)    Expected time, earliest staring time, and latest finishing times are marked on the network diagram.
(h)    Slack is calculated.
(i)    Critical path (s) identified and marked on the network diagram.
(j)    Length of critical path or total product duration is found out.
(k)    Lastly, the probability that the project will finish at due date is calculated.

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