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Process Planning Procedure

1.    Selection of Process.

(i)    A process is necessary in order toyshop, form, condition and joins materials and components with the help of machines and labor in order to convert raw materials into a finished product.
(ii)    One should select most economical process and sequence tat satisfied the product specifications.
(iii)    The selection of process depends upon
(a)    Current production commitments. If enough work has already been allocated to more efficient equipments, the current work may have to be passed on to less efficient amines to complete the same in time.
(b)    Delivery data. An early delivery date may :-
(i)    Forces the use of less efficient machines
(ii)    Rule out the use of special tools and jigs as they will take time for design and fabrication.
(c)    Quantity to be produced:- Small quantity will not probably justifies the high cost of preparation and efficient set-ups. Thus. quite possible they may have to be made on less efficient machines and vice-versa.
(d)    Quality standards. Quality standards may limit the choice of making the product on a particular mince. etc.

2.    Selection of Material.

(i) Material should be of right quality and chemical composition as per the product specification.
(iii)    Shape and size of material should restrict the scrap (i.e. material removed for getting the product shape).

3.    Selection of Jigs, Fixtures ,and other special Attachments-

There supporting devices are necessary
(i)to give higher production rate;
(ii) to reduce cost of production per place.

4.    Selection of Cutting Tools and Inspection Garages.

They are necessary to
(i) Reduce production time
(ii) Inspect accurately and at a faster rate.

5.    Make the process layout indicating every operation and the sequence in which each operation sit to be carried out.

6.    Find set-up time and standard time for each operation.

7.    Manifest process planning by document such as operation and route sheets, which summarize the operations required, the preferred sequence of operation, auxiliary tools required, estimated operation times etc.

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