Role And Scope Of Production Management

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Role and Scope of Production Management

Production is the creation of goods and services. In relation to goods, production is the fabrication of a physical object through the use of men, materials and equipment. Whereas with reference to services, production is the discharge of a function which has some utility. Production faction has assumed a great importance as a key function in all industrial undertakings. All other functions revolve around this function. The activities of production are independent of the size of the undertaking. In a small concern one persona may be undertaking this function whereas in large organizations this activity may be undertaken by various individuals or separate teams. The success or failure of an enterprise is dependent upon the extent of care and accuracy with which production function is managed.

Production with management activity can be described as an art of securing maximum it with a minimum of effort so as to secure maximum prosperity and happiness of both employer and employee and give the public the best possible service.

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