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Steps in motivation

1.    Sizing up. This involves ascertaining needs. All employees need motivating but of varying kinds and in varying digress. For example. One may need proper facilities for the education of one’s children, others may want higher education of them. Stress at size-up stage must, therefore, be laid up as individual difference.

2.    Preparing a set of motivating tools. This requires a selection of specific tools of motivation. An executive, form personal experience, form the experiences of others, and with the help for the personnel department, may draw up a list of the devices that may motivate different types of people under different circumstances.

3.    Selecting and applying motivators. The executive should decide about the words, the tone of voices, the gestures etc, to be considered where and when motivations be applied. The place and timing for this purpose are important.

4.    Feed back. This involves the finding out of whether an individual has been motivated.

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