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Techniques Employed For Scheduling

(a)    Perpetual Scheduling.

Like master scheduling, it is also simple and easy to understand, is kept current, involves less cost and can be maintained by clerical staff. But the information which it provides is very gross and at the same time it is not clear from the chart-when the work will take place.

(b)Order Scheduling.

It is a most elaborate technique. The information required to generate an order schedule is, regarding the number of parts to be manufactured, name of the machines, their set-uptimes, total production time and the date of completion of the order.

(c)Loading by Schedule Period.

The task is broken into different operations which will be, required to turn raw material into finished product. This type of scheduling involves a layer in- process (total) time because only one operation is to be performed in one time period. However, this makes it more flexible as an operation can be taken up at the most convenient time within the specified time period.

(d) Commercial Devices.

Some of the commercial devices are :- (i) Board master, (ii) Magnetic boards, (iii) Role charts.

Scheduling and the Computer

Since scheduling is the main process carried out in production control, it is work to consider the relationship between the computer and scheduling. The computer is an extremely versatile tool which can be programmed to undertake almost any data processing task. In many types of industry, much of the data required for scheduling is relatively fixed in relation to time. In this category can be included the data contained parts, lists, route cards and plant lists. route cards and plant lists. Many of the data processing needs of production control use this type of data. Example are explosion to find parts requirements, implosion to find there requirement of common materials and loading to calculate forward loads on machines and direct workers. Fore these types of data processing, the computer is ideal. Continuous data (such as store receipts, stores issues, products dispatched etc.) is used by production control in the compilation of stock records shortage lists and operations statistics computer, again, can do the actual data processing much more accurately and quickly than is possible manually.

Work Measurement

Work Measurement is used in the examination of human work in all its contexts and which lead systematically to the investigation of all the factors which effect the efficient of the situation being reviewed, in order to seek improvement. It aims at finding the best and most efficient way of using available resources, i.e. men, material, money and machinery. Every organization tries to achieve best quality production in the minimum possible time.
Work Measurement finds application into:-
(a)    Industries (Production operations, research and development)
(b)    Marketing sales and distribution
(c)    Offices stores and warehouses
(d)    Material handling
(e)    Design
(f)    Building and other constructions
(g)    Transport
(h)    Hospital
(i)    Army
(j)    Agriculture, etc.

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