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Types of motivation

1.    Positive or inventive motivation.It is a process of attempting to influence others to do your will through the possibility of gain or reward. Positive motivation includes:

(a)    Praise and credit for work done
(b)    Sincere interest in subordinates as individuals,
(c)    Competition
(d)    Participation
(e)    Pride
(f)    Delegation of responsibility
(g)    appreciation
(h)    Pay

Incentive motivation is the ‘pull’ mechanism. The receipt of awards, due recognition, and praise for work well done definitely lead to good team spirit, co-operation and a feeling of happiness.

2.    Negative or fear motivation.It is based on force and fear. Fear causes persons to act in a certain way because they are afraid of the consequences if they don’t. If workers do not work, they are threatened with mechanism.

3.    Extrinsic motivation is concerned with external motivators which employees enjoy pay promotion, status, fringe benefits, retirement plans, health insurance schemes, holidays and vacations etc. By and large, these motivators are associated with financial rewards.
4. Intrinsic motivation is concerned with the ‘felling of having accomplished something worthwhile’ i.e., the satisfaction gets after doing one’s work well. Praise, responsibility, recognition, esteem, power, status, competition and participation are examples of such motivation.

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