Meaning Objects Of Classification

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Meaning And Objectives of Classification

After collection and editing of data the first step towards further procession the same is classification. Classification is the grouping of related facts into classes. Facts in one class differ from those of classification. Sorting facts on one basis of classification and then on another basis of called cross-classification. This process can be repeated as many times as there are possible bases of classification. Classification of data is a function very similar to that of sorting letters in a post-office. It is well known that the letters collected in a post-office are sorted into different lots on a geographical basis i.e., in accordance with their destinations. Classification of statistical data is comparable to the sorting operation.

Objects of Classification

The principal objectives of classifying data are:

1.    To condense the mass of data in such a manner that similarities and dissimilarities can be readily apprehended. Millions of figures can thus be arranged in a few classes having common features.

2.    To facilitate comparison.

3.    To pinpoint the most significant features of the data at a glance.

4.    To give prominence to the important information gathered while dropping out the unnecessary elements.

5.    To enable a statistical treatment of the material collected.

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