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MegaStat is an Excel add-in developed for performing statistical analysis such as Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics. This helps to perform Step-by-Step operations in the text that Excel would otherwise not have been able to perform. The main feature of this add-in includes AutoExpand feature that helps to select the data quickly, various statistical tools such as Time Series / Forecasting, Quality Control Process Charts, and etc, which are not actually available in Excel's Data Analysis Tools.

The contents or analysis tools available in this add-in are:
  • Descriptive Statistics: Generate Summary Statistics table and graphs such as box-plot, stem-and-leaf plot, normal curve plot, etc.
  • Frequency Distributions: Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Probability: Finding probabilities based on discrete and continuous probability distribution
  • Confidence Intervals and Sample Size: Intervals for means and proportions; and calculation of sample size
  • Hypothesis Tests: Small and large sample tests - Includes Single mean (or single proportion) and Two means (or two proportions) tests
  • ANOVA: It includes One-Factor ANOVA, Randomized Blocks ANOVA, and Two-Factor ANOVA
  • Correlation / Regression: Scatter plot, correlation matrix and regression analysis
  • Time Series / Forecasting: Trend-line curve fitting, Deseasonalization, Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing
  • Chi-Square: Contingency table, Cross-tabulation, and Goodness of fit test
  • Nonparametric Tests: Sign Test, Run Test, Mann-Whitney Test, Kruskal tests, and so on.
  • Quality Control Process Charts: Xbar and R chart, p-chart and c-chart
  • Generate Random Numbers: Random number generation using Uniform, Normal, and Exponential distribution

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