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PHStat is a software that can be used with Microsoft Excel to explore statistics. It is an Excel add-in designed to perform statistical analysis. It encompasses various statistical tools such as Data Preparation, Descriptive Statistics, Decision-Making, Probability and Probability distributions, Sampling, Confidence Intervals, Sample Size, One-Sample Tests, Two-Sample Tests (Unsummarized or Summarized data), Multiple-Sample Tests, Control Charts, Regression, and Utilities. When the given inputs are entered into a particular analysis' dialog box, it will produce all the results in new worksheets inserted into the currently active workbook. The output produced by PHStat will highlight some important values by a light yellow color and boldface text. The cell values corresponding to intermediate calculations and final answers are usually formatted with reasonable decimal points. It is important that the outputs produced by PHStat will have links between all the cells in such a way that any changes in the input cells will produce different results. The cells that include given parameter value or inputs are usually tinted in light turquoise and one can change these values to solve different problems using same analysis.

Using PHStat add-in, a particular analysis can be performed by first selecting choices from the PHStat menu and completing entries in a dialog box. Then it will generate new worksheets and chart sheets to show the results of an analysis. The worksheets that shows calculations are usually contain formulas which will allow us to change the underlying data or given information to get new results without having to repeat the same analysis.

PHStat Assignment Help

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PHStat Homework Help

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