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Stata is a powerful statistical package used for general purpose. It was created in 1985 by StataCorp. Stata is very easy to use and fast in generating results of the analysis carried out by the users. The capabilities of this software includes data management, statistics, graphical representation,  and programming. Stata is available for three operating systems namely, Windows, Unix, and Mac computers.

Each version of Stata is available with four different major builds, which are listed below:
1.    Stata/MP:     It is suitable for multiprocessor computers such as dual-core and
        multi-core processors
2.    Stata/SE:     It is suitable for large databases
3.    Stata/IC:      It is a standard version, useful for general purpose 
4.    Small Stata:    It is a smaller, student version created for educational purchase only

This software is mainly used in the field of Economics, Epidemiology and so on. Data in various formats can be imported into Stata for analysis. That is, the format of the data to be imported into Stata includes Spreadsheet formats including any kind of Excel formats and ASCII data formats such as .csv or databank formats. However, the latest version of Stata can open a dataset created with an older version, while the older version of Stata cannot read the dataset created with the latest version of Stata. In Stata, the required analysis can be carried out either based on relevant commands or by the use of built-in functions available in the menu bar.

For instance, in order to construct a Scatter plot, one can use a relevant built-in function as follows: Click Graphics --> Select 'Twoway graph (scatter, line, etc.)' --> Then the required variables (say x, y) can be entered in the dialog box --> this will produce the required scatter plot.

The same scatter plot can also be constructed (for the variable y against x) by the use of simple Stata command:     scatter y x

Similarly, one can perform any required analysis either by the use of suitable Stata commands or by the use of standard built-in functions available in the menu bar.

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